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NFL Picks 2018: AFC and NFC Championship winners picks

NFL: New England Patriots-Press Conference Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

One win and you are in the Super Bowl. That is the point on the NFL calendar we have reached, with four teams vying for those two spots to fight for the Lombardi Trophy. Will it be a chalk matchup of the two top seeds from each conference, or will an upset happen at some point today?

For the second straight week, I had an even week in making my picks. I am down to 70.1 percent correct picks on the year, leaving me in danger of falling to below that 70 percent mark on the season if I have a couple of bad weeks of picks to close out the year.

Here are my picks for the two games on Sunday. Can I come out of the week having a perfect prediction of the Super Bowl matchup? Or will I need the Super Bowl to keep me about 70 percent?

Divisional Round Results

Divisional Round results: 2-2

Season results: 185-79

Divisional Round Picks: