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2018 NFL Free Agents: Quarterbacks

NFL: Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins head into the offseason with just one quarterback under contract, with one more on a futures contract. Meanwhile, three quarterbacks will hit free agency for the team this year. Miami will be looking for a quarterback this year, either in the draft or in free agency, to come in and serve as the backup to Ryan Tannehill, and possibly push the veteran as he returns from a torn ACL.

The free agent quarterback group is a little misleading at this point. Drew Brees is going to re-sign with the New Orleans Saints, the Minnesota Vikings will likely keep two of their three free agents (Case Keenum and Teddy Bridgewater? With Sam Bradford hitting free agency?), and the San Francisco 49ers cannot let Jimmy Garoppolo get away. That said, there are plenty of veteran options who could come in and be the Dolphins’ number two quarterback, if that is the direction the team decides to go.

To get an idea of who is available on the open market this year, over the next few days we will take a look at the top free agents by position. We include the current salary per year the player was receiving, as well as if they are a restricted free agent (RFA) or exclusive rights free agent (ERFA).

This list could change between now and the start of free agency in mid-March, with players re-signing with their current clubs, or salary cap cuts being added.

(Free agents’ annual salary per year via

Dolphins free agents

Jay Cutler ($10 million per year)
Matt Moore ($1.775 million per year)
David Fales ($690,000 per year - RFA)

Top Free Agents (by current contract salary per year)

  • Drew Brees (Saints - $24.25 million per year)
  • Kirk Cousins (Redskins - $23.944 million per year)
  • Sam Bradford (Vikings - $17.5 million per year)
  • Josh McCown (Jets - $6 million per year)
  • Chad Henne (Jaguars - $3.5 million per year)
  • Drew Stanton (Cardinals - $3.25 million per year)
  • Ryan Fitpatrick (Buccaneers - $3 million per year)
  • Derek Anderson (Panthers - $2.25 million per year)
  • Ryan Mallett (Ravens - $2 million per year)
  • Case Keenum (Vikings - $2 million per year)
  • Mark Sanchez (Bears - $2 million per year)
  • Scott Tolzien (Colts - $1.75 million per year)
  • Teddy Bridgewater (Vikings - $1.712 million per year)
  • Geno Smith (Giants - $1.2 million per year)
  • Brandon Weeden (Titans - $1 million per year)
  • Kellen Clemens (Chargers - $1 million per year)
  • Tyler Bray (Chiefs - $962,500 per year)
  • Chase Daniel (Saints - $900,000 per year)
  • Josh Johnson (Texans - $900,000 per year)
  • Jimmy Garoppolo (49ers - $870,975 per year)
  • Blaine Gabbert (Cardinals - $855,000 per year)
  • Austin Davis (Seahawks - $855,000 per year - RFA)
  • E.J. Manuel (Raiders - $800,000 per year)
  • Brock Osweiler (Broncos - $775,000 per year)
  • T.J. Yates (Texans - $775000 per year)