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Baker Mayfield wants to play for the Miami Dolphins

Oklahoma v Oklahoma State Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

The Heisman Trophy winner took to Instagram earlier this evening, and let the world know where he wanted to be drafted in the upcoming NFL Draft.

His words were simple and sent shock waves throughout social media.


Oh, it’s true! It’s damn true!

As we all know, where a player wants to play and where he is drafted are two completely different things. However, knowing that Baker Mayfield has interest in the Dolphins, has me feeling a sort of way. It’s a long shot that the Heisman winner will be available at #11, but if he is, does Miami dare pull the trigger? Chris Grier has made it very clear he prefers to go BPA and Mayfield would be just that.

We have several months to speculate, but Baker Mayfield in Miami is a match made in heaven.