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NFL Picks 2018: Straight up winners for Playoffs Divisional Round

NFL: SEP 20 Cowboys at Eagles Photo by Rich Kane/Icon Sportswire/Corbis via Getty Images

The NFL Playoffs roll on with four more games this weekend. We have reached the final eight teams in the chase for the Super Bowl, with the top seeded teams from both conferences entering the tournament after their bye weeks in the Wildcard Round. The Divisional Round is often called the best weekend of football, with the top teams in the conferences all in action and the four games spread out across Saturday and Sunday to allow every minute of each game to be watched.

I did not have a great week last weekend, splitting the results 50-50 (and between Saturday and Sunday, oddly). That pushed my season percentage down a little, falling to 70.3 percent correct picks.

Here are my picks for the four games this weekend. Hopefully a couple of upsets happen, and I can get back to having winning weeks.

Wildcard Results

Wildcard week results: 2-2

Season results: 183-77

Divisional Round Picks: