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2017 NFL Power Rankings Week 4: How did Sunday’s loss impact Miami Dolphins’ rankings?

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Miami Dolphins v New York Jets Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins lost in an ugly beat down at the hands of the New York Jets on Sunday. The offense struggled, the defense struggled, special teams struggled - basically, it was a complete collapse on every aspect of the team, and it allowed the Jets, a team that was thought to be in contention for an 0-16 season, to simply walk all over the visiting Dolphins. With such an ugly performance, the power rankings from around the web probably are not going to be kind to the South Florida franchise.

Before we start looking toward Miami’s Week 4 “home” game against the New Orleans Saints in London, we have to see exactly how much of an impact on the Dolphins the Week 3 loss when it comes to power rankings. Unfortunately, we cannot just skip the week, even though most of us probably would like to see it disappearing in the rear-view mirror.

Below, you will find several rankings for the Dolphins, along with any comments the particular website has on the team. You will also find the start of our year-long tracking of the team’s rankings.

SB Nation

Week 4: 24

Change: -14

Comments: No comments

USA Today

Week 4: 26

Change: -12

Comments: Chicago fans were snickering after the kind of Jay Cutler performance that maddened citizens of The Windy City for the past eight years.


Week 4: 23

Change: -6

Comments: Someone was going to lose to the Jets this season. But the Dolphins were losing 20-0 to the Jets before scoring a useless touchdown on the final play. I get that the travel issues – from dealing with Hurricane Irma and spending a full week in California, then playing in New York right before a trip to London – is tough, but that was a truly terrible performance.

CBS Sports

Week 4: Not published



Week 4: Not published



Bleacher Report

Week 4: 22

Change: -9

Comments: No comments.

Washington Post

Week 4: 27

Change: -11

Comments: So much for the narrative of Jay Cutler coming out of retirement to save the Dolphins’ season. If he can’t beat the Jets, perhaps he should head back to the broadcast booth.


Week 4: 22

Change: -5

Comments: The Dolphins didn’t just lose to the Jets, they were plastered. This isn’t a good sign moving forward.

The Ringer

Week 4: Not published



Week 4: 20

Change: -4

Comments: In a week of upsets and surprise results, Miami getting handled by the Jets stands alone.

Walter Football

Week 4: 25

Change: -10

Comments: The Dolphins were a huge disappointment, getting shut out against the epically [sic] bad Jets until the final play of regulation. It was a humiliating showing, and it could be considered the most embarrassing loss in Dolphins franchise history. I didn't understand what happened until something popped into my head. I think you know what it's time for...

The Adventures of Derek Anderson's Magic Flask!

Jay Ajayi: Hey Jay, you ready for the game!? We got an hour till kickoff!

Jay Cutler: I dunno.

Jarvis Landry: What do you mean, "I dunno?" You're our leader. Show some fire!

Jay Cutler: Meh.

DeVante Parker: Meh? Come on, Jay!? We gonna win today, or what!?

Jay Cutler: Maybe. I dunno.

Jay Ajayi: Coomme on Jayy. Whooaoa whaatt juusst happenened? I feel wooozzzy.

Jarvis Landry: Memmee totoot, I jjuusst toook a ddrrink froorm Gagototadddee boottle anndd whoooaa.

DeVante Parker: I allssoos drriirnk froormm iitt hic!

Jay Ajayi: Whhhaaat hapepepeenned!? Diisis ssommeoennn pputut sosommethtinngg innn tthehe Gatotoradde hic?

Jay Cutler: I did. Some guy wearing a Panthers jersey told me that I wouldn't have to try hard if I put something from his flask in the Gatorade, so now I don't have to try hard.

Jarvis Landry: Yoooyoyoyouuuuu dididiiicckckkkk!!!

Jay Cutler: Meh. Don't care. I'm gonna take a nap. If I sleep through kickoff, so be it.

Sporting News

Week 4: 22

Change: -8

Comments: Jay Cutler and Jay Ajayi had a miserably rotten trip to the Big Apple. The defense had to be on the field too long; long enough to make the Jets' awful offense look good. Adam Gase used the "S" word to describe the performance. Hint: It was neither "sink" nor "swim" for the Fins.

This week: vs. Saints, where the offense can't be misbehavin' again


· Week 4 Average: 23

· Week 3 Average: 15

· Change: -8

· Highest Week 3 Ranking: 20 (

· Lowest Week 3 Ranking: 27 (Washington Post)

· Highest Single Site Weekly Ranking: 11 - Week 2/3 (CBS Sports)

· Lowest Single Site Weekly Ranking: 27 - Week 4 (Washington Post)

· Highest Average Weekly Ranking: 15 - Week 3

· Lowest Average Weekly Ranking: 23 - Week 4