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Adam Gase discusses Dolphins loss to Jets

NFL: Miami Dolphins at New York Jets Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Jets dominated the Miami Dolphins on Sunday, coming away with the surprising 20-6 victory. Nothing really seemed to go right for the Dolphins - other than maybe their pass rush early in the game. Other than that, the offense struggled, the defense struggled, even the special teams had issues. It was a solid beating from the Jets, and there did not seem to be anything the Dolphins could do to stop it.

After the game, head coach Adam Gase met with the media, and, not surprisingly, seemed angry.

“They just beat the shit out of us,” Gase said to start his media availability. “That’s the best way to put it. We didn’t show up, didn’t play physical, the defense did the best they could with 40 minutes of time of possession. The offense was just three-and-out. We just didn’t have anything going.”

The Jets possessed the ball for 36:08 in the game, slightly less than what Gase said in that statement, but overall, his point was exactly right. The Dolphins never showed up for that game and the Jets took it to them

“Just not enough positive yards and they’re teeing off on us on third-and-long,” Gase said of why the offense never got into rhythm. “We were third-and-six-plus the whole game. If we’re going to do that then Todd (Bowles, Jets head coach) is always going to have a good package for us and that’s what he did. They just put too much pressure on us where we couldn’t get open fast enough.”

Gase was asked about quarterback Jay Cutler’s struggles, explaining, “It’s hard for me to tell when you’re watching it and you just see an incompletion. It’s hard to tell exactly what’s going on, whether he was pressured or just wasn’t aligned right, feet weren’t right, or had good throwing mechanics. I’ve got to look at it on tape before I say anything like that.” Cutler finished the game 26-for-44 for 220 yards with one touchdown and one interception, giving him a 70.3 passer rating.

Running back Jay Ajayi, who only picked up 16 yards on 11 carries on Sunday, was also discussed, with Gase being pretty clear on the biggest issue the team had on the ground during the game, “You watched the game. He couldn’t get through anything. Guys were in the backfield so fast.”

Gase summed up the entire game when he was asked about what he says to the team after a loss like Sunday. He stated, “There’s nothing to say. Look at the scoreboard.”

The Dolphins now have to prepare for their Week 4 contest against the New Orleans Saints, a game that will be held in London as part of the NFL’s International Series. Miami will be the “home” team for this game.