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Dolphins at Jets final score and immediate reactions

The Miami Dolphins and New York Jets have completed with their Week 3 meeting. We take a look back with our immediate reactions.

NFL: Miami Dolphins at New York Jets Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

The week 3 match-up against the New York Jets is over as the Dolphins lose 20 -6. There was no real drama before this game, as no player went AWOL. So let’s take a look at what happened during today’s game, as it was a beautiful day for a football game.

First Half Recap

The Dolphins defense took the field first and on the second play, Cameron Wake recorded his first sack of the season and forced the Jets into a 3rd and 18. For the second straight week, the defense forced a three-and-out on the first drive of the game.

The offense took over after a Jets punt and on the first offensive snap for the Dolphins, we already have a challenge. Jay Cutler on a play action pass threw to Kenny Stills and it was ruled a catch. But Stills bobbled it and after review, the officials said the play stands and Jets are down a timeout. Jay Ajayi gets his first carry the next play and takes himself out of the game after he takes a hit to the groin. The Dolphins are unable to do anything as Jay Cutler overthrew Julius Thomas and the Dolphins are forced to punt.

Dolphins special teams pull through as Matthew Haack downs the punt at the 10 yard line.

On the Jets second offensive drive, Josh McCown hits Robby Anderson for a first down, for a big gain. Davon Godchaux jumps offsides on two consecutive plays. McCown getting the rookie with the hard count. McCown is called for a false start after the last Godchaux encroachment. McCown goes for the endzone but Xavian Howard, with good coverage on Anderson, breaks the pass up. The Jets offense drives down the field but are forced to go for a field goal...and it is no good as the game remains scoreless.

Ajayi is back for the offense’s second drive and it’s already a sloppy drive. Team has to call a timeout as play clock winds down. After the time out, Dolphins are called for a delay of game and Laremy Tunsil is called for a false start after that. What a terrible drive as the team continued to go backwards. Punt.

Defense stops Jets again as several defenders get a hand on McCown on third down. Branch gets the sack.

Jets defensive focus is on stopping Ajayi, Cutler going to have to start making some throws. First quarter comes to an end after some ugly football between these two teams. Cutler finally takes a chance and it results in a Jets penalty after the defender pulls Jarvis Landry down before the catch. Dolphins punting again.

McCown driving the Jets downfield with some good throws. Secondary continues to struggle. Jets killing themselves with penalties. Reshad Jones almost gets an interception but ball hits the ground as he catches it. Jets get a field goal and the score is 3 - 0.

Offense can’t get anything going...again. Landry drops a third down pass. Punt. Early game play calling is pretty bad. Jets can’t do anything after that Dolphins punt. Jets punting now.

Dolphins offense can find no rhythm. The game of punts continues. Jets receiving team is called for two penalties.

Bilal Powell almost gives the Jets life, but a holding call brings back a long run. McCown gets the Jets going with a 69-yard TD to Robby Anderson. Jets up 10 - 0. Alterraun Verner replaced Byron Maxwell on the play...this secondary is pitiful.

Dolphins get the ball back before halftime. Cutler hits Landry for a first, then runs backwards and does not get the first down. Another failed drive...sixth punt for Haack.

Jets take a knee to end the first half...thank goodness.

First Half Reactions

If you look up ugly in the dictionary, you may see a picture or a description of this game. The Jets are killing themselves with penalties, but are somehow winning this game.

The offense has no rhythm and it’s another slow start for this Cutler led offense. But Adam Gase seems to make some good halftime adjustments. The offense has 49 yards of offense heading into the second half. Ajayi can’t get going and Cutler is trying to force too many throws.

This was supposed to be an “easy” game for the Dolphins. But they’re at risk of losing this trap game.

Second Half Recap

Second half begins with the Dolphins set to receive the kickoff. Kenyan Drake takes a knee. Here we go!

Cutler had a wide open Kenny Stills...and the pass bounces to Stills. Loss of five for Ajayi on the next play after he almost fumbled the handoff. Cutler to Landry, incomplete. PUNT!!!

Verner still in for Maxwell. Maxwell is questionable to return as he’s dealing with an eye issue. Jets in Dolphins territory after the punt return. Jets complete a pass to their defensive lineman Lawrence Thomas. Matt Forte down to the one yard line. Powell with the rushing touchdown. Jets up 17 - 0. The Dolphins are playing some of the ugliest football I have ever seen. A defensive lineman has more receiving yards than any of the Dolphin receivers...that is bad.

Guess what...another three and out for the Dolphins. Dolphins attempt a fake punt, but Haack throws an interception. Desperate play.

Maxwell is back in the game. McCown completing easy passes over the middle. McCown completes to Jermaine Kearse for a first down. Showing between Howard and Kearse, but no penalty. The Jets fumble on the next play and somehow gain yardage, that’s how bad this game is. Nate Allen is on the trainer’s table and Michael Thomas takes over safety duties. Dolphins stop the Jets on 3rd and 1. Jets going for the field goal...but wait! Dolphins called for illegal formation and the Jets offense is back out there. McCown goes for the endzone, on the very next play, but overthrows Anderson. Jets are now in the redzone as McCown completes it over the middle to Jeremy Kerley. Jets cannot get into the endzone and take the field goal. 20 - 0.

It’s going to take three touchdowns to win now. Anything can happen, but the way the team is playing, not feeling really hopeful at the moment. The Jets are manhandling the Dolphins. Ajayi has 10 carries for 11 yards and Cutler is making some hasty throws.

Cutler completes to Julius Thomas for five yards. Too much dink and dunk, it’s not working. Cutler hits Stills for a first down...FINALLY! Dolphins going uptempo offense as they have to make some magic happen. Landry gets nailed right before the end of the 3rd quarter, but it’s a first down. Dolphins in Jets territory for only the second time today. Dolphins convert on another third as Cutler connects with Landry again. Cutler misses an open Landry for a touchdown...a complete miss by Cutler. Cutler off target on the next throw to Julius Thomas. Cutler takes a hit and Ajayi can’t catch the ball. On fourth down, Cutler goes for Landry in the endzone but pass is broken up. Turnover on downs and that may do it for this game.

Howard called for pass interference after Jets take over...cause why not. Jones makes a great tackle and that forces the Jets to punt. Jakeem Grants calls for a fair the nine yard line.

Cutler somehow gets out of a sticky situation, completes to Stills and the Jets defense is called for a late hit on Cutler and the team is close to midfield. Grant gets in on the receiving action as he catches a pass for 10 yards. Dolphins in Jets territory and Kenyan Drake is in for Ajayi. Drake drops the pass after Cutler has to get rid of the ball quickly. Cutler sacked at midfield on the next play. Cutler hits Landry short, but it’s now 4th and 6. Parker cannot get the first down as he stumbles before the first down. That’s probably the ball game.

McCown bobbles the snap and loses two yards. Byron Maxwell forces a fumble on the next play. Mike Hull recovers the fumble and laterals it to Reshad Jones...but it was called illegal. Dolphins ball though.

Cutler incomplete over the middle as the pass is broke up. Cutler throws short on another pass, not even sure who he was trying to throw too. Cutler’s footwork has been terrible all day. Jets sack Cutler but Jets are called for taunting and the Dolphins get a free first down. On second down, Cutler finds Parker for the first down near the sideline. Cutler finds Parker again on the next play. It finally happened. Cutler threw his first interception as a Dolphin. Cutler was looking at Landry and tried to force the throw. If Cutler had just ran forward he might have gotten the first down.

Jets got three and out and Grant fumbles the return but recovers.

Cutler is still in and Drake takes the handoff for no yardage. Jets on the verge of shutting out the Dolphins with two minutes left. Cutler completes to Parker for a first down. On the next play, Parker makes a great grab near the sideline downfield. Cutler to Parker again but one yard short of the first. Cutler finds Landry and the Dolphins are in the redzone. Cutler fires to Stills...and it’s incomplete. 16 seconds left. Cutler takes off for 9 yards after a pump fake and a timeout is called. Twelve men on the field for the Jets, Dolphins inch closer to the endzone. Cutler rolls out and finds Parker at the back of the endzone for the Dolphins first touchdown. Jets called for holding and Cody Parkey misses the extra point. Final score is 20 - 6.

Second Half Reactions

Pathetic. The defense let McCown have his way with them for most of the day and the offense was just terrible. There’s really nothing to say. The Dolphins were just terrible today but it was a solid performance by the Jets who have been criticized about ‘tanking’ this season.

Next Week

The Dolphins will be heading to London next week to face off against the New Orleans Saints at Wembley Stadium. Kickoff is set for 9:30 AM (ET).