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The curious case of Lawrence Timmons. Should we really be concerned?

So many thoughts and ideas on what happened with Miami's new Linebacker. But could there be another reason?

AFC Championship - Pittsburgh Steelers v New England Patriots Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

There was no other story more polarizing than the curious case of Lawrence Timmons. "What happened? Why did it happen? Could there be a valid reason? This seems so unlike him, as shown by his time in Pittsburgh."

These are some of the questions being asked, and rightfully so. However, as always, I have an opinion as to what truely is transpiring, and if true, it could be a bit more scary than originally thought.

This off season there was another article that barely made headlines. This headline made me look at another former player in a whole new light. Former Patriot Tight End Aaron Hernandez upon autopsy was found to have been suffering from CTE. A condition made known through Will Smith's character in Concussion. Thing is, Aaron Hernandez's brain was suffering from stage three CTE, the second highest grade of the condition. This is made even more serious by the idea that the player was only 27 years old at the time of his departure from this world, even more scary that he had already been out of football for some time due to being convicted of murder.

Again, this is only a possibility, and an opinion as to what is really going on. Only facts leading up to it is that the story that is known fits many of the symptoms already known about this disease. In truth, there is no known quantifiable way to determine this until an autopsy is performed post mortem.

However it starts with erratic behavior out of character for the player, usually triggered by severe stressors. Mood swings, loss of identity, and/or awareness. Sound familiar?

The team as a whole was uprooted, and even to a point where our schedule, and multiple factors of our team had to be reshuffled to compensate for the effects of Hurricane Irma. This situation created several stressors that could attribute to such a mental lapse As seen by Lawrence Timmons.

In fact, that could also explain why the former Steeler was seen at a practice of his former team. Or why he was angered, and even speaks to the panic that was felt as he felt the need to "see his child, with no idea as to why."

What is known about the situation is that Gase could not see any reasonable excuse from Timmons version of the story, and if this is a case of early onset CTE, that would go a long way in explaining why.