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2017 NFL Power Rankings: Miami Dolphins Week 3

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NFL: Miami Dolphins at Los Angeles Chargers Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The 2017 NFL season is reaching into Week 3 already, and the power rankings around the internet are starting to come in. Last week, I was unexpectedly traveling for work, so we missed the Week 2 edition of the rankings, but we are back now to take a look at where the Miami Dolphins rank in Week 3, following their 19-17 win over the Los Angeles Rams.

Below, you will find several rankings for the Dolphins, along with any comments the particular website has on the team. You will also find the start of our year-long tracking of the team’s rankings.

SB Nation

Week 3: 13

Change: +6

Comments: No comments

USA Today

Week 3: 14

Change: +6

Comments: They’re the first team in NFL history to have two byes in first three weeks of season. Yes, they’re playing Jets on Sunday...but same difference.


Week 3: 17

Change: +2

Comments: Jay Ajayi had 28 carries on Sunday. Every other running back on the roster had one combined, a 3-yard loss for Kenyan Drake. Miami needs to figure out some depth, because Ajayi can’t hold up with that many carries.

CBS Sports

Week 3: 11

Change: No change

Comments: That was a big-time win on the road after dealing with a lot of issues the past few weeks. Jay Cutler did some good things in that victory.

Week 3: 15

Change: No change

Comments: The Dolphins kicked off the season with a win because their kicker could do his job and the other team's kicker couldn't. Other notes gleaned: Jay Cutler might have a big arm, but Jarvis Landry is going to catch 500 3-yard ins and none-yard outs this season. Cutler was efficient, evoking the phraseology fans dread: He managed the game. I thought the defense -- which survived a few Philip Rivers forays by tightening up on most third downs while rendering Melvin Gordon useless -- was the story. The missed Younghoe Koo kick? Hey, that's football.

Bleacher Report

Week 3: 13

Change: No change

Comments: No comments.

Washington Post

Week 3: 16

Change: +5

Comments: QB Jay Cutler was pretty good in his first game for the Dolphins after being lured out of retirement, throwing for 230 yards and a TD in the win in L.A. over the Chargers. Most importantly, he didn’t throw an interception. It’s so far, so good in his reunion with Coach Adam Gase, who continues to seem to know how to get the best out of Cutler.


Week 3: 17

Change: +2

Comments: Miami looked good in its first foray with Jay Cutler. Nice job by the Dolphins, save Lawrence Timmons.

The Ringer

Week 3: Not published



Week 3: 16

Change: +1

Comments: Going on the road and getting a win after a difficult week due to Hurricane Irma was very impressive. Poised team.

Walter Football

Week 3: 20

Change: +5

Comments: Both Florida teams came through despite dealing with Hurricane Irma, so kudos to them, for sure. The Dolphins had a nice win in front of countless empty seats in Los Angeles, so it must have felt like they were at home.

Despite some poor offensive line play, the Dolphins pulled through, though they needed the help of a missed field goal. Jay Cutler played well overall, though he has gotten criticism for his horrible Hail Mary attempt that landed near some cheerleaders way out of bounds. I actually think Cutler was precise on the throw. What better way to get the cheerleaders' attention than nearly hitting them with some pigskin?


· Week 3 Average: 15

· Week 2 Average: 18

· Change: +3

· Highest Week 3 Ranking: 11 (CBS Sports)

· Lowest Week 3 Ranking: 20 (The Ringer)

· Highest Single Site Weekly Ranking: 11 - Week 2/3 (CBS Sports)

· Lowest Single Site Weekly Ranking: 25 - Week 2 (The Ringer)

· Highest Average Weekly Ranking: 15 - Week 3

· Lowest Average Weekly Ranking: 18 - Week 1/2