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NFL cuts 2017: Which players should the Miami Dolphins look at?

What teams cuts could help Miami?

Miami Dolphins v Minnesota Vikings
Preseason Week 4
Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

The hard truth of the matter is that 864 players around the NFL will find themselves out of work and, subsequently, no longer NFL players come Saturday afternoon. 1184 players will be cut, 320 will be assigned to the practice squad. And even then, for the survivors, unrest is still to come, waivers... Teams will look to upgrade their rosters wherever possible. It is the first year that teams have gone from 90 man training camps straight down to a 53 man roster. Needless to say, we are in uncharted territory.

Instead of trying to speculate on who will be on Miami’s roster come late afternoon Saturday, I am going to look at a few other teams whose cuts could potentially help the Dolphins by Monday of next week. To do that, I am going to look at two of Miami’s biggest issues heading into 2017.

The Offensive Guard Issue:

Miami’s LG situation is tenuous after loosing Ted Larsen for probably close to half the season. Steen and newcomer Jesse Davis have been battling out the reps, but an upgrade/more competition for both would be a good thing. Asiata appears to play better at RG than LG, at least as a rookie. From what we have seen from Asiata at LG, this early in his career, I wouldn’t want to bet Cutler’s health on him. So where might Miami find help?


This should come as a surprise to absolutely no one, the Cowboys have a really good offensive line. They have a couple back up OG’s that might do well in Miami. Chaz Green comes to mind, a former 3rd round pick. Look to see what kind of goodies these NFC East competitors drop from their roster.


I know, as much as we all lament our division rivals, occasionally taking not of what they are doing is a good thing. And right now, the Buffalo Bills are in a complete and utter fire sale. If it came from the old regime, it’s likely to get tossed. (Not the worst argument I have heard coming from Buffalo since the 90’s) However, I also have to give credit where it is due; the Bills have a pretty good offensive line. Names like Vladimir Ducasse and Michael Ola come time mind here.


For some reason, offensive linemen seem to grow on trees in Houston. Really, they are just notoriously known for good line play. And, I believe they run a similar inside zone scheme in the run game. David Quessenberry is a name I have my eye on here. It’s uncommon for a 6th round pick to last into his 5th season. He must have shown them something over the years.

Is a Linebacker Too Much to Ask?-

I really liked me some Raekwon McMillan, I was really excited for the rookie. I like Mike Hull as a back up. Mike Hull as a starter, does not exactly excite me. Rey Maualuga was reportedly 270 lbs... Apparently being familiar with Matte Burke’s scheme was something important, but, how soon is he going to be close to playing weight? What happens if Timmons goes down? There are still a whole lot of unanswered questions when it comes to this position group right now. Especially with Raekwon’s ACL. Hopefully they spend a lot of time in the nickel with just Timmons and Alonso on the field. So whose roster could offer an upgrade?


This one has some obvious merit, a good number of guys were on the roster when Burke and Joseph were coaching Cincy. That’s why they signed Rey at 270 lbs, as I heard on last night’s broadcast. The Bengals boast a very decent linebacker grouping, for sure. Carl Lawson and Paul Dawson (recent mid round picks) are fighting for a back-up SLB spot. I’m looking for one of them to be cut.


Ok, I am really not a Cowboys fan, yet, their strengths seem to fall in line with our weaknesses... so there is that. They have three fairly talented guys on their roster at the MLB spot. Anthony Hitchens, Justin Durant and Jaylon Smith... there may not be roster enough for all three. Or perhaps they need another WR and we could see a trade? (That’s pure speculation) Either way, they play a 4-3 and have good depth at the position.


The Vikings are built on defense. They have 3 middle linebackers they drafted in the mid rounds. Besides, Miami just played them, so when they go into the process of the waiver wire, that tape will be fresh in their mind. Which might create a psychological push. I know the Vikings have a decent group here at linebacker; even if their secondary got roasted by Grant all night.

Where else and who else?

There it is, a glimpse at some teams whose cuts might help bolster Miami’s roster. Hope this helps. If you have anymore suggestions, don’t be afraid to sound off in the comments below.

Disclaimer: The opinions reflected in this article are mine and mine alone. This is meant to be a jumping off point for people to look at as cuts happen around the league. Not some definitive manifesto I think the front office should live by.