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Why you should watch the Hall of Fame Game tonight

NFL: Dallas Cowboys Training Camp Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL preseason kicks off tonight with the Hall of Fame Game in Canton, Ohio. The NFL changed up the schedule after last year’s game was cancelled due to painting issues on the field, moving the game from the end of the week’s festivities to the start of them. That means the Dallas Cowboys and Arizona Cardinals will hit the field in a Thursday night game.

Of course, there will not be a lot of “big” names on the field tonight, with the Cardinals announcing they will not play any of their starters and a large portion of their second-string guys expected to sit as well and the Cowboys expected to do something similar, so it is not a “must watch” game, but it should be. We might not get to see the stars for either team on Thursday, but we should probably all have our TVs on NBC tonight.

Why? Glad you asked.

1. It’s football.

Let’s face it: that alone should be enough to turn on the game. Football is back, even if it is not the best version of football, and we are all football fans. It’s time to watch some football.

2. Waiver wire analysis

Currently, NFL teams are allowed 90 players on their roster. When the regular season begins, teams will only be allowed 53 players. That means there are a lot of players playing in the preseason that will have to be cut - and given the likelihood of not seeing many of the starters tonight, there is a chance to see some of the players who the Cardinals and Cowboys may release and get a look at players the Miami Dolphins could consider as a depth pick up.

3. Jason Taylor.

Taylor will not play, obviously, but a Miami Dolphins legend is headed into the Hall of Fame this week - and this is the Hall of Fame Game. There should be a good review of Taylor’s career during the game and, potentially, an interview with the team’s all-time sack record holder. Watch the game for that alone.

4. It’s football.

Yep, that was already said. But, it is football, and that makes it something you should be watching. It will not be the best football, but it will still be football, and since we have not seen the NFL on the field since February, this should be must watch.