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Dolphins planning to fix disappointing field

During Thursday night’s preseason game against the Baltimore Ravens, the Miami Dolphins’ home field was anything but an advantage. The grass itself simply did not work, with huge divots appearing anywhere players were running and repeatedly slips from the guys on the field. It was disappointing, to say the least, to see the renovated Hard Rock Stadium having such a bad night because of the grass.

The Dolphins, however, have a plan to fix it.

According to the Palm Beach Post’s Jason Lieser, the team was already planning to rip out the field this week ahead of the scheduled Coldplay concert. After the concert, the team will then lay an entirely new field, using a different type of grass, in order to get it ready for the University of Miami’s home game on September 2 and the Dolphins’ regular season opener on September 10.

The field has had it rough lately, including the El Classico soccer match, the Dolphins’ first preseason game, and scrimmages by both the Dolphins and the University of Miami. Lieser adds that the heavy rains that have hit the area recently affected the ability for the grass to take hold, allowing for the ease of divots.

Hard Rock Stadium, which opened in 1987 as Joe Robbie Stadium, has never had instances of the grass failing, even when it was being used as both a football and baseball stadium and had a dirt infield in it. The Dolphins feel like they will be able to get it back to those high standards in time for the upcoming games.

Hopefully they are right, because Thursday night’s game was difficult to watch as players slid around.