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Dolphins drinking game for Ravens preseason game

Miami Dolphins

It’s Thursday night. The Miami Dolphins are playing the Baltimore Ravens in a preseason game that, normally, would not muster much in terms of national attention. This game, however, is different because tonight, quarterback Jay Cutler will make his Dolphins debut. Cutler, and the rest of the Dolphins starters, will probably not see extended playing time this week, though it should be longer than the cameo appearances some of the starters had last week.

On Twitter, to get ready for this game, @Nashmax73 put together a drinking game. You can find the rules for the game below. It highlights Cutler’s role with the Dolphins tonight, but also includes things like the running game, Jakeem Grant, tight ends making catches, and the Ravens’ short passing game.

You probably will not be feeling any pain by the end of the night, but you may be hurting tomorrow at work with this game.