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Adam Gase discusses the Dolphins' Quarterback Situation.

Coach Adam Gase spoke on Pro Football Talk Live about the transition at quarterback for the Dolphins.

NFL: Miami Dolphins-Training Camp Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Jay Cutler is set to make his Dolphins debut this Thursday against the Ravens, prompting coach Adam Gase to discuss the state of Miami's quarterback position with NBC Sports' Pro Football Talk Live.

After joining the team on Aug. 5, Cutler has worked primarily with the Dolphins' first-team offense. Gase shared the following with PFT Live about the 34-year-old quarterback's integration:

“Jay’s working with the first group, we’re trying to get him caught up as fast as possible,” Gase said. “He was able to take a look at our offense and notice that a lot of it is really familiar.”

That aforementioned familiarity comes from Culter's work under a Gase-led offense in 2015. During that season in Chicago, the former Vanderbilt star recorded a quarterback rating of 92.3 - the highest rating of his 11-year career.

Along with discussing Cutler's emergence in the aftermath of Ryan Tannehill's season-ending knee injury, Gase explained the team's decision to pursue another option outside of current backup Matt Moore.

“He was our best option,” Gase said. “We would have been in good shape if Matt would have been the starter and we had somebody else as the backup we would have still felt good about it, but I wanted to make sure we had two guys we felt good about.”

According to that quote, it appears that the addition of Cutler is directly tied to the lack of experience behind Moore on the depth chart.

Brandon Doughty and David Fales are currently battling for the third quarterback spot. Doughty, a seventh-round selection in the 2016 NFL Draft, is currently listed above Fales on the depth chart.

You can read all of Gase's comments by visiting NBC Sports' Pro Football Talk.