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Ryan Tannehill Headed To The Injured Reserve

After several days of speculation, Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill will be placed on the injured reserve for the 2017 season.

NFL: Miami Dolphins-OTA Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

It appears the Dolphins have finally made a decision on Ryan Tannehill's future for the 2017 season, as the injured quarterback is headed to the injured reserve.

According to Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald, it looks like Tannehill will undergo reconstructive surgery after re-injuring the same knee that he partially tore in the final stages of the 2016 season.

Salguero shared the following information from his source on Friday evening:

Tannehill, who missed the end of the 2016 season with a partially torn ACL, had been studying all options since he suffered the new ACL injury a week ago Thursday. He considered all options, including submitting to treatment rather than surgery again as well as studied whether to have an autograft in the knee (tendon from his own body) or an allograft (harvested from outside his body, usually a cadaver).

It is unclear whether Tannehill will have an allograft or autograft. But he definitely will have reconstructive surgery.

Tannehill's prolonged absence doesn't come as a shock, as the Dolphins moved quickly to sign Jay Cutler out of retirement after the injury occurred. Along with adding Culter, Matt Moore directed the first-team offense's brief appearance against the Atlanta Falcons in Miami's preseason debut on Thursday.

If Tannehill undergoes surgery promptly, he should be ready for action prior to the 2018 season according to Salguero.

You can read Salguero's full report by visiting the Miami Herald.