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Why optimism for the 2017 Miami Dolphins should be real.

Something feels different about this year’s optimism for the Miami Dolphins

Arizona Cardinals v Miami Dolphins Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

It happens every year. I get myself hyped up for the upcoming season. I look at the transactions made during Free Agency. I look at the draft, researching the other 3 teams as a comparison. I pre order the next installment of Madden with every intent of not butchering the team, taking that roster to the Super Bowl myself. Let's face it, we are all guilty of thinking that last aspect means we know a lot more about football than the current head coaches installed in a position we feel rightfully belonfs to us. The guy on the couch that knows what our team needs to do in order to win it all.

Thing is, for the first season since Jimmy Johnson was coach, I am willing to take pause to that assessment. Adam Gase has made me a believer. Much like he has done to the players he has taken charge of. He has ignited a passion and I believe we will see this team succeed.

All personnel aside, this is a team I feel not only can win, but they deserve to win. Now, I won't bore you with any singular player assessments, because any person that truly knows football, knows that it is the responsibility of all 53 players, and several members of the coaching staff to make good on the win/loss ratio. It is not Tannehill's cross to bear when we fail, just as much as it is not due to his play when we succeed. Just as much as its not my leg’s fault when I cannot walk due to a spinal injury, there is something more than that going on, and it deserves acknowledgement.

When push comes to shove, Ajayi has a purpose, Mike Pouncey has a purpose, James has a purpose, as does every other player on this roster. Thing is, while personal accountability seems to be the Mantra on this roster, it appears that finally the purpose has shifted to a brotherhood mentality. Not only has each player held themselves accountable, but they also hold themselves accountable for the rest of the teams accountability as well.

There is no greater player. There is simply a greater purpose, and this is a magnificent thing.

At the end of the day I am reminded of the story of Cain amd Abel. Where when asked where his brother was, Cain responded with a question of his own. Am I my brothers keeper? This TEAM has taken it upon themselves to respond with a YES I AM" mentality.

Now I know a lot of people still do not think that we have the right QB for the job. Some people will say that he lacks the instincts of a true leader. I believe now, with the green light and go ahead from his head coach, he has the ability to show people what he is truely capable of in this regard. I think the last coaching staff tried to micromanage the importance of the position, for their own benefit and because of that, he is no longer our Head Coach. I think now that he has the green light, you will see how much of a leader he can be. That is not to say he will find himself to be the most important piece of the puzzle, but a piece nonetheless.

That my friends is why I am so hopeful this year. Because the team deserves it.