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Madden 18: Every player rating for the Miami Dolphins

No matter what happens in life, every year I find myself buying the latest installment of EA’s Madden football game. And despite Tom Brady gracing the game’s cover, this year won’t be any different. Madden 18 will be completely rebuilt this year, making the switch to EA’s Frostbite engine. The game is set to release on August 23rd, and will include the franchise’s very first story mode titled “Longshot”. Dan Marino will have a significant role in Longshot, mentoring the main character throughout his rise to football stardom.

As the release gets closer and closer, more details begin to emerge in EA’s latest game. Early last week, EA released several of the top player’s in Madden 18 along with their specific ratings and attributes. However, with a few tweaks here and there, users were able to dig deeper into EA’s website, finding the ratings for EVERY player in this year’s game.

The fine folks over at Madden School were able to create detailed tables for all 32-NFL teams. These can be found HERE but honestly, who really cares about all 32-NFL teams? I don’t. I care about one team and that’s the Miami Dolphins. In 2016, Miami finished 10-6 in Adam Gase’s first season. Stars began to emerge throughout the team’s roster, with several player’s seeing a substantial upgrade in this year’s game.

Here is every player rating for the Miami Dolphins in Madden 18.


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