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Marco Rubio makes suggestion for new Ambassador to Brazil

Senate Foreign Relations Committee Confirmation Hearing For Kelly Craft, President Trump's Nominee For U.S. Ambassador To Canada Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images for Kelly Craft

The Miami Dolphins come into the 2017 season in the same position they seem to have been in at the start of the regular season every year since Dan Marino retired - chasing the New England Patriots for the AFC East division title. One member of Congress, Florida Senator Marco Rubio was thinking of that fact during a congressional hearing on Thursday.

While the Senate Foreign Relations Committee was holding a hearing on the nomination of New York Jets owner Woody Johnson as the Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Rubio announced his support for a new nomination, looking toward the Ambassador to Brazil. Speaking to Johnson, Rubio, a Miami native, said:

“I think you and I agree that the country would be well served if a certain Thomas Brady of Massachusetts were nominated ambassador of Brazil. Perhaps that could be arranged before September of this year.”

Rubio also admitted it was hard for him to support anything about the New York Jets:

“Because of my lifelong being a fan of the Miami Dolphins, support for your nomination due to your relationship with the New York Jets is painfully difficult. But I’m willing to do it for the good of the country.”

Obviously, Rubio was joking throughout the statements, but when the committee began to laugh, he added, “I don’t know why people are laughing. I’m very serious about this.”

It’s good to know Rubio is looking out for the best interest of Dolphins fans everywhere. Now, about that job in Brazil for Brady...