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What Miami Dolphins free agent or trade excited you the most but did not work out?

Tennessee Titans v Miami Dolphins Photo by Eliot J. Schechter/Getty Images

On Saturday, I asked Twitter and Facebook fans for their thoughts on the Miami Dolphins’ free agent or trade acquisition that excited them them the most, only for the roster move to not work out for Miami. Today, we bring the same question to you.

Our answers seemed to concentrate on a few specific players, including wide receivers Brandon Marshall and Mike Wallace, as well as quarterback Daunte Culpepper. Dannell Ellerbe also showed up a few times.

My personal answer is Culpepper, because there was so much hype about the UCF product coming back to Florida and he would provide a much needed solid player in the quarterback position. Of course, his knee never returned to 100 percent, and he never lived up to the hype.

My honorable mention would absolutely have been Wallace. He was supposed to give Miami the deep threat that the offense needed, but his skill set never transitioned into something with which quarterback Ryan Tannehill could work, and the Dolphins ultimately traded him to the Minnesota Vikings.

Here are the Twitter and Facebook answers I received. Feel free to add to the discussion in the comments - either agreeing with these answers or providing a new name to the conversation.