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Miami Dolphins RG Jermon Bushrod Run Blocking Game Film

We saw pass blocking snaps earlier this week, let’s review some of Bushrod’s run blocking snaps.

NFL: New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

H/T to PhlyPhin747 and Scrappy (I trust you know who they are), who rightfully acknowledged the lack of run blocking film in my Jermon Bushrod “90-in-90” 1st half game film vs. the Los Angeles Rams.

I selected the Week 9 contest vs. the New York Jets to look specifically at run blocking snaps. Let’s dive in, shall we?

1-on-1 with Muhammad Wilkerson and completely removes him from the play. Jay Ajayi finds the cutback behind his massive block and gains 12 yards. Bushrod’s best run block of the game, IMO.

Notice the push with the left hand to slow Wilkerson’s momentum before getting to the 2nd level and taking the LB out.

I won’t create the illusion it was all rainbows and butterflies: this was a horrendous snap on Bushrod’s part. Totally whiffs on the block, loses his balance, his guy comes in and strips Ajayi. Luckily we recovered the fumble, but YIKES.

Bushrod is at the point of attack, and IMO, he does his job. Sheldon Richardson crosses in front of Branden Albert and wrecks this play. Not a great snap from Mike Pouncey either. This run play was not successful, but I don’t see Bushrod playing a role in the ineffectiveness of this play.

Not entirely sure this block impacted the end result of the play, but I erred on the side of oversharing. He shows good balance and doesn’t allow his man to get across his inside shoulder, which is important when the run is going in the opposite direction.


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