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Is this the best offense Ryan Tannehill has ever played on?

NFL: Miami Dolphins at Cincinnati Bengals Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

The Dolphins have had their fair share of weapons throughout the Ryan Tannehill era. In fact, many of those weapons have come and gone. Lamar Miller is in Houston. Mike Wallace is in Baltimore, while Brandon Gibson and Brian Hartline are out of work. Dion Sims is in Chicago. Reggie Bush is out of work. The list goes on and on. But when asked about his thoughts on the offense heading into the 2017 season, Ryan Tannehill said with confidence:

“Honestly, I can say it’s definitely the most talent we’ve had with the receiving corps, bringing everyone back, having a second year together in the same offense, that’s going to be huge for us.”

In an interview with the Miami Herald’s Barry Jackson, Tannehill praised his arsenal of weapons, primarily DeVante Parker who he compared to a Ferrari with four flat tires.

“I’ve said it before: We had a Ferrari with four flat tires. He had all the power, but with all the injuries – the hamstring, the foot – he never could really let loose and go. We’re starting to see that. We saw it all spring, how fast he is.”’

Tannehill sees a ton of potential in DeVante Parker as do most Dolphins’ fans. He’s the true No.1 wide receiver this offense needs and when he’s playing at a high level, the Dolphins’ offense will be difficult

“I am definitely encouraged by DeVante,” he said. “The growth he’s had this offseason has been huge. I saw it back in March when we were throwing. Just seeing him move, seeing him run, really run at top speed for the first time.”

On the final days of mini camps, Gase and Tannehill discussed the much-improved Parker. Both see a much improved Parker, and believe 2017 could be his breakout season.

“We were talking [that] Thursday with [coach Adam] Gase, and he’s just like, ‘Is it me, or is DeVante really fast?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, he’s really fast.’ It’s just we haven’t been able to see that the past two years because he’s always been battling something. It’s been really encouraging to see him grow throughout this spring. We just want to keep him healthy because he’s definitely growing into a force.”

All reports from early in Dolphins’ camp, indicate that DeVante Parker is set to have a huge season, but what about newly acquired tight end, Julius Thomas. Tannehill had great things to say about his new weapon in the middle of the Dolphins’ offense.

“He’s the full combo you want. Very, very fast. Big range, long arms, big red zone target for us”, Tannehill said.

He continued, “Julius is a really smart guy. He really understands the game. He’s played in this offense before, so he understands what we’re trying to accomplish. He knows what it takes to go deep into the playoffs. He knows what it takes to be an elite offense. He’s a good guy to have help push us. You need more and more people [on your team] to understand what it takes to be elite. To have his experience, you add that in with his playmaking ability.”

Lastly, Tannehill opened up about his season-ending knee injury that he suffered at the hand’s of Cardinals’ defensive lineman Calais Campbell. One that left the franchise quarterback in tears.

“That is what made it so tough for me is the fact we went on a little run there, winning games, and I finally started to feel really comfortable in the offense and what we were trying to accomplish and how we were doing it,” he said. “The game was really slowing down for me. I was seeing things more clear for me than I ever have. And understanding what Adam was trying to get out of certain plays.”

He added;

“You start to get to know a play-caller as the season goes on, what he’s trying to get out of certain plays. It just takes time. You can’t go out there week one of year one and expect to know what he wants out of each play call. I was starting to get to that point where I knew exactly what he wanted to do when he sent in a play call and I think that is what made it so tough. But it’s also exciting for me to start kind of where I left off and build on where we started last year.”

I expect big things out of the 2017 Miami Dolphins, Ryan Tannehill, and his newly redesigned arsenal of weapons.