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What Miami Dolphins Away Game Are You Going To This Year?

I’ll be at MetLife Stadium, Week 3. Are you making plans to go to an away game this year?

Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills Photo by Rich Barnes/Getty Images

OK, see the girl in the orange jacket holding the sign in the picture? I KNOW HER. It’s a small world.

I met her at the Week 15 ass-whooping at MetLife Stadium last year, along with my podcast compatriots Matt Cannata and Josh Houtz, among other super cool dudes and dudettes. There were giant chicken wings and deliciously-crafted beers on top of the aqua-and-orange company. It was a sight to see for a poor schmuck like me who sees a Miami Dolphins fan in Cleveland as often as a rabbit shows restraint in jumping into the sack with another rabbit after the Carrot Festival.

We’ll see each other again this year, Week 3. Houtz and his prego wife, MC$, Kathy (orange jacket girl), myself, one of my best friends, and a whole slew of others will be in attendance, and we’d welcome any and all Phinsiders to come join us. Details will be available as we get closer to the date.

My ultimate question is: what away game are you going to this year?

If you’re like me, going to an away game is like a Dolphins support group, and the more Dolphins fans I get to see, the better. The more times we cross paths, the better.

Let your Dolphins brothers and sisters know which away game/games you’ll be traveling to! Those tailgates get a little bit richer when you have some fellow Phinsiders with you...

FINS UP Phinsider Family!