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Sprayground set to release limited edition Jarvis Landry Shark backpack

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Today, July 10th, Dolphins’ wide receiver Jarvis Landry is set to release his second backpack in collaboration with Sprayground. This limited-edition backpack is titled “The Juice Shark backpack” and will be released later this afternoon. For those of you in South Florida, Landry is holding a release party at Simon’s Sportswear in Miami from 3-7 PM this evening. This is the second time Jarvis and Sprayground have teamed up to release a prolific backpack. The partnership between Jarvis Landry and Sprayground started back in 2015, when Jarvis Landry, Odell Beckham Jr, and Jeremy Hill met with Sprayground’s Founder and Creative Director, David Ben-David.

Here are all the details on the limited-edition Jarvis Landry backpack.

The limited-edition Jarvis Landry Juice Shark backpack features a camo backdrop with a die cut chenille shark mouth and a “JUICE” patch for his nickname. The backpack's bright orange and blue colors not only show off the tropical vibe of Miami but also represents Jarvis' team, the Miami Dolphins. The Jarvis Landry Juice Shark comes in the DLX silhouette which makes it the ultimate grab and go accessory for the athletic and fashion savvy customer who is always on the go. The Jarvis Landry Juice Shark backpack is priced at $80 and can be purchased online at Designed in limited quantities, Sprayground collections are never re-released, making them collectibles among brand followers.

Here is what the limited-edition backpack looks like.

For those not familiar with Sprayground, they are a company that creates some of the hottest backpacks on the market. Collaborating with several athletes and artists, Sprayground’s unique bags are second to none.

SPRAYGROUND was started in 2010 by NYC designer, David Ben-David. Originally created as a blank backpack company designed for street artists to easily transport spray cans hence the iconic logo of an artist “on the go”, Sprayground has now evolved into a collection of original designs created by DBD and friends. Growing up in Miami skateboarding and surfing, DBD was always inspired by deck art and the street art at all of the local skate spots. As a kid DBD was always on the go and would regularly pack his whole life in his backpack, so it only made sense when he started an art inspired backpack line years later. Sprayground backpacks are constructed to be not only expressive but extremely functional and comfortable for those who are on the go! Sprayground has partnered in the past with creative-minded celebrities and artists including Odell Beckham Jr., Antonio Brown, J.R. Smith, Chris Brown, Christina Milian and Spike Lee. Sprayground is sold at local boutiques worldwide and online at

Don’t wait, because these backpacks will sell out fast.