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The Splash Zone 6/7/17: Jakeem Grant Getting Confidence Back

Welcome to the Splash Zone, the quickest way to get your day started off right. We bring you a rundown of Miami Dolphins news from the last 24 hours.

Everything was fine until one muffed punt and then it was all mental for Jakeem Grant. Up until that muffed punt, Grant was confident in his ability to return punts. But that confidence was lost and now he’s working to reclaim that confidence he once had. Darreen Rizzi stated that Grant has improved, but is still dropping some punts. Grant has the speed to be a dangerous returner, he just needs to get more consistent.

You can check out that story here, and the rest of the day's round-up below.

Miami Dolphins’ Jakeem Grant rediscovers his confidence | The Daily Dolphin
DAVIE — Jakeem Grant is a big enough man to admit the biggest problem he had last season was mental. Grant may be one of the fastest return men in the NFL, capable of returning any punt 74 yards for a Miami Dolphins touchdown (as he did, against Tennessee) or any kickoff return 45 yards (a...

Adam Gase

Under Adam Gase, in crunch time, Miami Dolphins learn how to not get crunched | The Daily Dolphin
DAVIE – It was a day in which a seven-point halftime lead turned into a three-point loss, in a season in which a 3-0 start turned into an 8-8 final record.

Dolphins coach: Adam Gase led team pays dividends -
How many wins was new head coach Adam Gase and a new culture worth to the Dolphins last season? Assistant head coach Darren Rizzi, who has been with the club since 2010, weighs in on Gase's impact.

Dolphins Offense

What Miami Dolphins OC Clyde Christensen said Tuesday | The Daily Dolphin
Here is some of what Miami Dolphins offensive coordinator Clyde Christensen said Tuesday: • Lawrence Timmons has whacked everything that moves in practice. He has turned some heads - literally. The safeties are making a lot of plays. T.J. McDonald has made a few big plays in the end zone.

Dolphins Wide Receivers

Can Miami Dolphins’ Jakeem Grant outdo Hall of Famers at this skill? | The Daily Dolphin
DAVIE – Fielding punts is not something that comes naturally to most. There’s no denying Darren Rizzi on that point. It may come naturally to Jakeem Grant in 2017.

Dolphins Defensive Line

Dolphins rookie DE Charles Harris turning heads at OTAs - Sun Sentinel
Miami Dolphins pass-rushing first-round pick Charles Harris has been impressive during team's OTAs

Dolphins Secondary

It might take a little while before Miami Dolphins get significant contribution from CB Cordrea Tankersley | Miami Herald
Although he has a skillset that suggest he can be a good press cornerback, Miami Dolphins third round pick Cordrea Tankersley probably will need some time to develop before he can contribute on defense.

Dolphins Offseason

Miami Dolphins' Jakeem Grant looks to put fumble issues behind him; Dolphins notes | Miami Herald
Jakeem Grant is optimistic he won’t have more of the fumbling problems that plagued him in the second-half late last season.

NFL off-season report cards and grades: AFC East | The MMQB with Peter King
Sizing up the off-season moves of the Bills, Dolphins, Patriots and Jets, and how they’ll influence the 2017 campaign.

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