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Dolphins practicing in the rain - and it is newsworthy

NFL: Miami Dolphins at Cincinnati Bengals Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports


It was a thought about the Miami Dolphins organization as they worked to reward their own players, keeping key starters under contract and moving forward as a core unit. It signifies the change in attitudes, both within the front office where it had been a priority to spend big on other teams’ free agents while allowing Miami’s own players to sign elsewhere each offeason, and an attitude change in Miami, where it is no longer only money that has players wearing aqua and orange.

On Monday, #NewMiami had another meaning as well.

The team actually practiced in the rain. Amazing stuff for a South Florida football team, where the weather is either hot and humid or hotter and more humid.

In recent years, the Dolphins have always practiced inside their “bubble” facility whenever the elements made it less than ideal on the outdoor practice fields. In all honesty, part of the reasoning has always been player safety. Why risk a player slipping and injuring themselves in wet grass when a dry field (albeit an artificial turf field) is available inside the bubble? That seems to have changed on Monday.

The Dolphins practiced in a South Florida pouring rain on Monday, staying out on the field despite the weather. The team did appear to be headed in doors at one point as lightning appeared, but ultimately, the team continued to work in the elements.

Of course, this is one practice during organized team activities in June, so it is not going to have a huge impact on the season in September, but it is another sign that things are changing in South Florida.