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30 day challenge: What is your favorite Miami Dolphins memory?

Every day in June, we will ask different Miami Dolphins related question of our readers. Make sure you join in so we can all get to know our The Phinsider community a little better.

Raiders v Dolphins X

Our 30 day challenge began yesterday with a question asking you for your earliest Miami Dolphins memory. Today, we ask for another memory, but this time, your favorite all-time memory. Was it a Super Bowl win? Was it the team selecting Dan Marino? Was it beating the Chicago Bears to protect the Perfect Season?

The 30 day challenge is basically 30 days of Dolphins questions that you will have a chance to answer. We want to get all of you as community members involved, so tell us your answer to each question each day, and, if you haven’t ever posted a comment on the site before - now would be a great time to get in here and join us.

My favorite memory was sitting on the first row of the upper bowl on September 23, 2001, the first game after 9/11. My mom, my brother, and I were at the game, with an American flag draped over the railing as the Dolphins played the Oakland Raiders. The game was great - especially when Jay Fiedler scrambled his way into the endzone, which landed on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

An extremely close second was the first game in which my son went with me to (then) Sun Life Stadium. That was the Michael Thomas interception game against the New England Patriots. That was such an insane moment, and my son loved it even as he tried to deal with it being so incredibly loud.

So, now, it’s your turn. What is your favorite Miami Dolphins memory?