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No more pickle juice for Jay Ajayi

NFL: Miami Dolphins at San Diego Chargers Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

In 2016, Jay Ajayi was the Dolphins most valuable player. Without him, the Dolphins never turn their season around in week 3 vs the Browns. Without Ajayi, the Dolphins never make the playoffs. During his second season in the NFL, Ajayi looked the part of one of the NFL’s premier running backs. Something that draft experts predicted prior to the 2015 draft. However, one prominent thing was missing during Ajayi’s record-breaking 2016 season. PICKLE JUICE

That’s right folks. The running back that once chugged pickle juice on the sideline at Boise State to help his cramps, has no longer used the performance enhancing drug since joining the NFL. In an interview with IdahoStatesman, Ajayi was asked the question about the infamous picture and his love for pickle juice.

“The pickle juice is done. It was a great resource in college,” Ajayi, who said the juice helped with cramping, said. “But no more pickle juice in the NFL.”

He was also asked about the success he had last year and what it was like eclipsing the 200-yard mark not once, but twice in back-to-back weeks.

“I went through a few challenges and adversity throughout the season. But just to be where I am right now, I definitely feel blessed. I’m excited about the future for myself, the future for my team as well,” Ajayi said. “Just the battle with myself, personally. And just knowing what I wanted to do with my career and where I wanted to go. I just basically put my head down and just focused ... and waited for my opportunity.”

Rumors out of Davie is that he’s improved as a receiving threat, meaning Ajayi could be a legitimate three-down running back for the Dolphins in 2017. Adam Gase expects Jay Ajayi to have a larger workload this season and I’m anxious to see how well he can improve on his 2016 campaign. Look for J-Train to be among the top of the league statistically, as he strives to be the NFL’s No.1 running back in 2017 and beyond.


This article was written by Josh Houtz. Follow him on Twitter!

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