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Computer Hackers Congress Starts In Hamburg Photo by Morris MacMatzen/Getty Images

It’s time for us to add another talented writer to The Phinsider’s staff. Clint Clearwater is joining us today, getting back to writing after a break. He previously wrote for, and now brings his talents over to us, and he is going to bring something a little different to the site throughout the year.

While The Phinsider’s focus throughout the offseason and during the NFL season is obviously focused on the Miami Dolphins, Clint is going to be looking elsewhere. Specifically, he is going to give us all a season-long look at college football prospects. He is going to be starting in just a little while with a look at some possible defensive tackle prospects for the Dolphins. He will continue to take a look at some of the bigger names throughout the build up to the college season, then, during the season, give us some looks at players who are making a case for themselves on the field.

This is something we have not had on the site, where we are so wrapped up in the Dolphins that we barely touch the surface of prospects until the season is over and we are shifting our focus to the Draft. Now, we will have a season-long look at these prospects, and be able to get a better idea of who could be on the Dolphins’ radar.

So, please join me in welcoming Clint to our group of authors. I really think this can help us bring you another level of quality to the site.