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You can buy a Ryan Tannehill ELITE jersey for $130!!!!

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NFL: New York Jets at Miami Dolphins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

No, you did not read that wrong and no it is not one of those cheap Chinese knockoffs. Instead, this is the real deal. About as real as Ryan Tannehill is a REAL quarterback. About as real as the Dolphins’ playoff chances this year. This is serious shit.

For one reason or another, Nike is having a very nice sale on most of their products. In doing so, fans who are searching for an authentic Ryan Tannehill jersey are in luck. The jersey is regularly $300, but is currently 12 off. $147 to be exact. But that’s not the best part, if you use the PROMO code “Summer20” you get and additional 20% off your order. (Through 6/27)


After standard shipping (shipping rates may vary) you will pay about $127 total. That doesn’t seem bad for a jersey that regularly costs $300. Like I always say, Elite QBs have Toe Thumbs and it’s only a matter of time until Ryan Tannehill is an elite QB. Be like Ryan Tannehill and wear this jersey throughout the entire 2017 season. I know I will.