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Adam Gase contacted Peyton Manning after Ryan Tannehill injury

Miami Dolphins v Denver Broncos Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Late during the 2016 NFL season, as the Miami Dolphins were making a push toward their first playoff appearance since 2008, starting quarterback Ryan Tannehill sustained a sprained knee and was lost for the remainder of the season. Reserve quarterback Matt Moore stepped in and finished what Tannehill started, getting the team into the postseason with a 2-1 record in his three starts.

But, apparently Moore was not the only quarterback head coach Adam Gase had on his mind when the injury to Tannehill happened.

According to a report from the New Orleans Times-Picayune on Friday, Archie Manning said there was contact between Miami head coach Adam Gase and his former quarterback, the retired Peyton Manning.

"It started with Gase," Archie said. "He said, 'Hey 18, Tannehill went down.' He said, 'I think he's going to miss some time. The first question I'm going to get at the press conference in the morning is if I'm going to try to bring you to Miami. What do you want me to tell them?'

Peyton replied, according to his father Archie, “'You tell them I could probably come play, but there's no way I can miss carpool the next two weeks.' So, he was done."

It may not have been a straight out “Peyton, are you available?” question from Gase, and it may simply have been a matter of trying to make sure he deflected any questions should the Peyton possibility arise, but it does seem like Gase had at least a thought that he could consider the 14-time Pro Bowler, seven time First Team All Pro selection, five time MVP, for Miami’s playoff push.