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90-in-90: Miami Dolphins roster breakdowns, LT Laremy Tunsil

90 Dolphins players in 90 articles. Let’s make sure we know our roster from top to bottom. It’d be a shame if ESPN knows us better.

NFL: Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

I’ll shut up, already. Laremy Tunsil is good at football.

Laremy Tunsil, 6’5”, 316

Laremy Tunsil to me is going to be the best left tackle in the league, or one of the top two, within three years.

~Lance Zierlein, 2016

Game Tape - #67

I’m focusing exclusively on his Left Tackle snaps vs. the Cincinnati Bengals, Week 4.

Bengals show a Double A pressure look, dropping one into coverage. Tunsil is left 1-on-1 with Geno Atkins. I think Tunsil does OK here, wouldn’t you say? Atkins is a powerful man and Tunsil demonstrates he has the strength to battle with the biggest of the boys. Oh yeah, almost forgot, Kenny Stills scores a 74-yard TD after Ryan Tannehill has a perfect throwing lane created by, you guessed it, Laremy Tunsil (and Dion Sims).

I noticed in the Bengals tape that he’s very aggressive in getting to the outside: he has the lateral agility to make it work. Tunsil doesn’t overextend getting back to the inside, as he slides and maintains great leverage. He got beat once this game inside, but by and large, Tunsil held down the fort in pass protection.

I love the late burst, allowing Jay Ajayi to find a generous crease.

Look. How. Much. Ground. He. Covers.

Oh my, how this snap says a lot about “The New Miami”. On one hand, Tunsil stonewalls his adversary. Right next to him, the soon-to-be-cut Billy Turner gets wrecked by Atkins.

Why He Might Succeed

Well, gee, let’s see. He’s strong, fast, laterally quick, stout frame, coachable, competitive, a possible #1 overall prospect in the 2016 NFL Draft class, and he learned nuance of the position from one of the better LT’s in the league over the last 7-8 years in Branden Albert.

Why He Might Not

Injuries, that’s it. I don’t see any weaknesses in this guy’s game other than experience. Once he has that, I believe he becomes dominant. Did he make the occasional rookie mistake? Yes. But he looks the part of an elite LT simultaneously.

Odds of Making Roster

I’m not even going to answer this.

You as pumped for Laremy Tunsil’s development as I am, or do you have your reservations?