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30 day challenge: What’s your earliest Miami Dolphins memory?

Every day in June, we will ask different Miami Dolphins related question of our readers. Make sure you join in so we can all get to know our The Phinsider community a little better.

NFL: New York Giants at Miami Dolphins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The offseason is slowly working its way toward the start of training camp in the end of July. The Miami Dolphins, and the other 31 teams around the NFL, are currently holding events like Organized Team Activities and veteran minicamps, but those are short events with limited media access, which means there are not a lot of new updates each day on the status of the team. That will eventually change, but for right now, we are nearing the start of the one dead period on the calendar for the NFL.

To try to break that up, I am starting a new series here on The Phinsider. This idea just sort of came to me completely unaided by any other site or idea out there on the web. We will be doing a 30-day-challenge, which basically is 30 days of Dolphins questions that you will have a chance to answer. We want to get all of you as community members involved, so tell us your answer to each question each day, and, if you haven’t ever posted a comment on the site before - now would be a great time to get in here and join us.

(On a side note, any similarity to the 30-day-challenge that Windy City Gridiron is running is completely coincidental. I definitely did not rip off the idea or the topics from them. Oh, and thanks WCG.)

Today’s question is pretty easy. What’s your earliest Dolphins memory?

Mine is going to be Leon Lett’s Thanksgiving Day game. I probably have a few other memories that are before that, but when I was a kid, I had a concussion and there are things that are fuzzy at best from when I was younger. So, I guess 1993 is about the time where I can truly remember football and watching the Dolphins. That day, we were having Thanksgiving dinner at my aunt and uncle’s house, and they are HUGE Dallas Cowboys fans. My cousins and uncle were non-stop trash talking all day and throughout the game.

Then Leon Lett.

They did not trash talk so much after that. I wonder why?

So, what’s your earliest Dolphins memory?