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30-day challenge: Most hated opposing player

Thurman Thomas #34...

The Phinsider 30-day challenge continues today with, not a look at the Miami Dolphins, but rather a look at the teams - or more specifically the players - the Dolphins have played. We are going to ask you, today, for your all-time most hated opposing player for the Dolphins.

The 30-day challenge here on The Phinsider is a way to get to know some of our community members and their thoughts on the Dolphins. We are asking a question every day for 30 days, with the goal of getting all of our readers involved in the discussion. If you haven’t ever posted a comment on the site before - now would be a great time to get in here and join us.

This is a really interesting question. Do you stick with a rival? Is it someone else? Is it a current player? Someone from the past?

Who is your most hated Miami Dolphins opposing player?