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30-day challenge: All-time favorite Miami Dolphins tight end

Every day in June, we will ask different Miami Dolphins related question of our readers. Make sure you join in so we can all get to know our The Phinsider community a little better.

Carolina Panthers v Miami Dolphins Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images

Sunday afternoon seems like a perfect time to ask a question about tight ends, does it not? Our The Phinsider 30-day challenge continues with another look at an all-time position group for the Miami Dolphins, asking you to choose your favorite player in that grouping.

The 30-day challenge here on The Phinsider is a way to get to know some of our community members and their thoughts on the Dolphins. We are asking a question every day for 30 days, with the goal of getting all of our readers involved in the discussion. If you haven’t ever posted a comment on the site before - now would be a great time to get in here and join us.

Yesterday, we asked for your favorite running back. That joined the previous questions that included the quarterback and wide receiver. Now, we work our way to the part-time blocker, part-time receiver position that is the tight end spot.

The Dolphins have several options at tight end, including Mad Dog Jim Mandich, Keith Jackson, Jim Jensen (again), Troy Drayton, and Joe Rose. You could also select the returning Anthony Fasano, who spent the 2008 to 2011 seasons with the Dolphins followed by four seasons split between the Kansas City Chiefs and Tennessee Titans, before rejoining the Dolphins this offseason.

I will, however, go with someone who may be considered the best tight end in team history. In five years with the Dolphins, Randy McMichael started every one of the 80 possible games after being a fourth-round pick in the 2002 NFL Draft. He caught 283 passes for 3,096 yards with 18 touchdowns for the Dolphins. His receptions total is still the team record for most catches by a tight end, the 10th most in team history for all positions. He is 14th overall in receiving yards, again the team leader for tight ends. McMichael was always fun to watch as he worked his way across the middle of the field or down the seam.

Of course, that’s just my favorite tight end in Dolphins history. Who is your favorite all-time Miami Dolphins tight end?