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NFL over/under win totals: Predicting the 2017 NFL season

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Super Bowl LI Proposition Bets At The Westgate Las Vegas Race & Sports SuperBook Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The NFL season is still four months away, but sports betting is never in the offseason. On Monday, updated their season wins over/under for all 32 NFL teams, with some minor changes following the NFL Draft. Using those over/under win totals, we can stack up how sports betting sees the NFL season shaking out, with divisional standings and playoff pictures.

Below, you will find all 32 teams with their over/under win total, organized into their divisional standings. You will also find the AFC and NFC playoff seeding, based on those standings. There were two ties, one in the AFC (Baltimore and Kansas City for the fifth and sixth seed) and one in the NFC (Carolina claiming the sixth seed over Tampa Bay and Minnesota). In NFC case, the team with the better odds on the over was given the tie break. For the AFC, Baltimore and Kansas City were tied at even money for the over, so a coin was flipped to decide who would get which seed.

Before we get to the standings, Miami is still listed with a win total of 7.5, which seems awfully low for a team that was 10-6 last year. Sports bookmakers seem to believe Miami overachieved last year and will return to the norm this year. It still keeps them in second place in the division, but well behind New England and not really in the wildcard chase.

AFC East

New England Patriots 12.5
Miami Dolphins 7.5
Buffalo Bills 6
New York Jets 5

AFC North

Pittsburgh Steelers 10.5
Baltimore Ravens 9
Cincinnati Bengals 8.5
Cleveland Browns 4.5

AFC South

Indianapolis Colts 9
Houston Texans 8.5
Tennessee Titans 8.5
Jacksonville Jaguars 6

AFC West

Oakland Raiders 10
Kansas City Chiefs 9
Denver Broncos 8.5
Los Angeles Chargers 7.5

NFC East

Dallas Cowboys 9.5
New York Giants 9
Philadelphia Eagles 8
Washington Redskins 7.5

NFC North

Green Bay Packers 10
Minnesota Vikings 8.5
Detroit Lions 8
Chicago Bears 5.5

NFC South

Atlanta Falcons 9.5
Carolina Panthers 8.5
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 8.5
New Orleans Saints 8

NFC West

Seattle Seahawks 10.5
Arizona Cardinals 8
Los Angeles Rams 5.5
San Francisco 49ers 4.5

AFC Playoff seeding

(1) New England Patriots 12.5
(2) Pittsburgh Steelers 10.5
(3) Oakland Raiders 10
(4) Indianapolis Colts 9
(5) Baltimore Ravens 9
(6) Kansas City Chiefs 9

NFC Playoff seeding

(1) Seattle Seahawks 10.5
(2) Green Bay Packers 10
(3) Dallas Cowboys 9.5
(4) Atlanta Falcons 9.5
(5) New York Giants 9
(6) Carolina Panthers 8.5