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Saturday Evening Random Live Thread: RIP Gregg Allman Edition

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The Allman Brothers Band And The Doobie Brothers In Concert Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images

Gregg Allman was born Gregory LeNoir Allman on December 8th, 1947 in Nashville Tennessee before his family moved to Daytona Beach Florida. Gregg and his brother became interested in and involved in playing music in their teens. They played in their first band together, the Allman Joys, in the mid 60’s. The brothers moved to LA in 1967 where they renamed their band the Hour Glass which released two albums. They again regrouped in 1969, forming the band the Allman Brothers Band and resettling in Macon Georgia.

The Allman Brothers experienced their first real mainstream success in the early 1970’s with the live album At Fillmore East. Shortly after Gregg lost his brother Duane to in a motorcycle crash. That was shortly followed by the band losing their bassist, Berry Oakley in yet another motorcycle accident. The Allman Brothers 1973 release, Brothers and Sisters, was their biggest hit and shortly followed by Allman pursuing a solo career.

The Allman Brothers eventually broke up in 1975 due to internal strife between the band members. During this time, Gregg met and married pop star, Cher. Gregg and Cher’s marriage only lasted 4 years, seeing them divorce in 1979. Allman had his biggest hit, I’m No Angel, in 1987.

Gregg has received many awards for his music throughout the years including many Grammys. Allman has also been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Allman passed away peacefully at his home in Savanna Georgia at the age of 69. The condolences from many celebrities including many musicians and his former wife Cher have been rolling in. RIP Gregg!