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Lurkers, Emerge From Your Shadows (At Least Temporarily)

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I’m asking for a sentence. THAT’S IT. Then you can go back to stalking us.

Baby Hippo Shown At Whipsnade Wild Animal Park Photo by Bruno Vincent/Getty Images

Believe it or not, I used to be you. Yes, you, the lurker, the eager-reader-never-commenter. It’s OK, this is not an intervention. We just want to know you exist for a minute, then you can drift back into blissful anonymity if you so choose.

Being a veteran of the Phinsider, we come and go, and we ebb and flow. Sometimes the quiet fan becomes loud, and vice versa. We all display our passions differently, even if you only like listening. It is nice to know, on occasion, that you are out there. Support us blabber-mouths!

We’re in that part of the dead season where the contributing authors and contributing commenters reach the virtual dam of sorts, and knowing you are out there can make all the difference.

This has no format: tell us how you became a Dolphins fan or when you found this site, or tell us if you are partial towards Jay Fiedler or Cleo Lemon, Larry Csonka or Lousaka Polite, Jason Taylor or Cameron Wake, or your favorite food or beverage on game day. Tell us why you’re part of this community if you’re feeling bold!

We, the blabber-mouths, have said enough. It’s about time we find out about the rest of our audience. Grace us with your presence for a moment? We’d love to hear it!

(For all the non-lurkers, treat the lurking hippo as a “Caption This!” Is that a hippo or the Buffalo Bills front office trying to pounce on another Miami Dolphins scout?)


I’m a lurker and I....

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  • 14%
    Commented today
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  • 47%
    Couldn’t bring myself to comment today
    (59 votes)
  • 37%
    Shut up, SUTTON. The only reason I lurk is because you’re stupid.
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