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Dolphins begin OTAs on Tuesday

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The Miami Dolphins begin their Organized Team Activities on Tuesday, the first day of the team’s phase three of the offseason training program. Under NFL rules, teams are authorized ten days of OTAs, all of which are voluntary for players. The OTAs for the first two weeks are limited to three days, with a four-day OTA period allowed in the third or fourth week of phase three, with the team’s mandatory veteran minicamp, the only mandatory event of the offseason, in the week not used for the four-day OTA.

As Hollywood Dolfan wrote yesterday, OTAs will not include contact drills or full pads, and cannot exceed four hours per day. The team is allowed to conduct feature 7-on-7, 9-on-7, and 11-on-11 team practices during this phase of the offseason.

Media access is limited during OTAs, and no practices are open to the public. Basically, expect one day per three-day OTA to be open to the media, with two days covered during the four-day OTA. Player and coaches will be interviewed after the practice each day.

The Dolphins start their first OTA later today and it will run through Thursday. Their second OTA will be from May 30-June 1, and their final one from June 5-8. The mandatory minicamp will be June 13-15.