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New author joining the site

Microsoft Unveils New Surface Laptop Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

For the second straight time as we add some talented authors here to The Phinsider staff, we are turning to our FanPost authors to snatch someone into our group. The most recent addition was bringing Hollywood Dolfan into the contributors, and now we will bring another group favorite - and podcast regular - to the staff.

Please help me in welcoming Dolphinfan4lyfe to our The Phinsider contributing authors group.

I have not even had time to write this article, and already he is working on two separate publications for the site. They will come out over the next couple of days.

I am excited for this, and I know Dolphinfan4lyfe is as well. He will bring his own unique flavor to our group, adding commentary to news articles throughout each week. This is another great addition as we look to continue to make The Phinsider the place for Miami Dolphins news - and the dominant blog in SB Nation.

Welcome Dolphinfan4lyfe!