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New author joining the site

Northern Ireland Stormont Election Declarations Photo by Charles McQuillan/Getty Images

Behind the scenes of The Phinsider, things have been quickly working to expand our pool of talented writers, working to bring you the best coverage of the Miami Dolphins possible. Today, we continue that with another new author joining our team.

FinsReport will be joining us as a contributing author as of today. Starting back in March, FinsReport started posting FanPosts here on the site, posts that many of you seemed to enjoy. It did not take long for us to move from him being a FanPost author to pulling him in to be a contributor to the site.

I know he is excited about writing for you all, and I know I am excited about what he will bring to the group that we currently have. His first article will come out in an hour or so. Join me in welcoming FinsReport as the newest member of the team.