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Bills hire Joe Schoen from Dolphins front office

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Miami Dolphins v Washington Redskins Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

The Buffalo Bills are rebuilding their front office after firing their general manager and entire scouting staff a day after the 2017 NFL Draft ended. They started by hiring Carolina Panthers assistant general manager Brandon Beane to be the Bills new GM. Now, they have added their own assistant GM, at the expense of the Miami Dolphins.

Buffalo has announced the hiring of Joe Schoen, Miami’s director of player personnel, to work under Beane. The two men previously worked together with the Panthers.

Schoen was named Miami’s director of player personnel in 2014. He initially joined Miami in 2008 as one of the team’s national scouts, then as the assistant director of college scouting. He spent seven years with the Panthers’s front office, starting in 2001, working as a scouting assistant and a regional scout.

Miami could have blocked the hire, but chose to allow a worthy employee to receive a promotion - even if it was to a division rival - rather than prevent him from getting the step up in his career.

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