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Miami Dolphins draft needs: Vote for the top need

NFL: New York Giants at Miami Dolphins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL Draft is just under three weeks away, with the teams all around the league heading into their final draft preparations with private workouts and local pro-days still happening. Teams are also locking down exactly how they want to attack the draft, and where their top needs are on their roster.

As fans of the Miami Dolphins, we all love to look at the team’s roster and try to discern where the team needs to address holes, as well as who they could select to fill those holes. Back in January, we asked for your input into where the Dolphins’ needs were then, with linebacker clearly dominating the results, followed by defensive end, guard, cornerback, and tight end. Are the needs the same?

Below, you will find the same poll (with the outisde/inside linebackers combined and running back added). Rank the Dolphins’ draft needs as you see them, and we will see what the results are next week.

(Note: If you are on a mobile platform or are using Google Amp/Apple News feeds and do not see the poll, you can still join the discussion in the comments, but you will have to get onto a full version of the site to see the poll.)

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