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What is it like to be selected in the NFL Draft? Isaac Asiata shows us all

Let’s face it. Very few, if any of us, will know a moment like hearing your name called in the NFL Draft, receiving that phone call from a coach or executive of a team, and know you have made it to the highest possible level in your own career field. It has to be something amazing, and there have to be so many emotions swirling, both before a player is selected and then immediately after.

How can we get an idea of exactly what it is like to be drafted? Well, we can look to Miami Dolphins guard Isaac Asiata, who was selected out of Utah in the fifth round of the 2017 NFL Draft, officially becoming an NFL player and a member of the Dolphins on Saturday. Asiata received the phone call from the Dolphins to tell him he was being selected, while his family recorded the moment, and, well, why not let Asiata’s emotions tell you what it was like:

Welcome to the Dolphins, Asiata!