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2018 NFL Mock Draft: Yes, you read that year correctly edition

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The third day of the 2017 NFL Draft is here, which means we have successfully made it to the end of the 2017 mock draft season! We can all take a break now and stop reading the projections for the Draft and get back to the actual draft, looking at our favorite teams, and prepare for the 2017 season. No more mock drafts!


No. You cannot be serious.

SB Nation’s Dan Kadar has released his 2018 NFL Mock Draft, taking a way (way, way, way, way, way...) to early look at the first round of next year’s NFL Draft. Seriously?

Well, he posted it, so now I want to know two things. First, where are the Dolphins picking in his mock. And, second, the obvious, who does he see on Miami’s radar? Of course, all of this will change between now and then, but it does not stop me from wanting to know, and me wanting to know means I am going to give you the chance to want to know as well.

Kadar used the Super Bowl LII odds from to provide his draft order, which means the Dolphins are picking 12th in the mock. That seems way too early, but we will not argue that right now.

The projection starts off with three quarterbacks at the start of the Draft, with the Cleveland Browns, San Francisco 49ers, and New York Jets all making those selections - and yes, Kadar includes the Browns selecting DeShone Kizer this year in his explanation of the pick. He also has quarterbacks being selected eighth (Washington Redskins), 11th (Los Angeles Chargers), and 24th (Buffalo Bills via Kansas City Cheifs). Yeah, it would be a quarterback happy draft if it were to unfold like that.

As for the Dolphins’ selection with the 12th pick, Kadar gives Miami a prospect who plays a position that many (many, many, many...) Dolphins fans have complained has not already been selected in the 2017 Draft. Miami uses their pick on Quenton Nelson, guard from Notre Dame. He writes of the pick, “Miami didn’t take an offensive lineman in the first two days of the draft, so the Dolphins could be after a player like Nelson next year. He’s a powerful, mauling guard who coaches will love.”

Again, this is purely an exercise in futility to try to predict the 2018 NFL Draft this early, especially since the 2017 NFL Draft is still underway - but it does not mean I will not read it anyway. Does that say something about me?