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NFL Draft live chat and updates - Rounds 2 and 3

We continue into Day 2 of the 2017 NFL Draft.

2017 NFL Draft Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

It is Draft Day part two! The 2017 NFL Draft continues tonight with the second- and third-rounds. After a crazy first round filled with multiple trades to grab quarterbacks, the Cleveland Browns moving all over the board, and the Miami Dolphins grabbing a player they deliberately avoided prior to the Draft, it is time to get back to the selection process.

Tonight, the Dolphins should be focusing on continuing their defensive rebuild, a process started in free agency with the addition of players like Lawrence Timmons, Nate Allen, William Hayes, and T.J. McDonald, and continued with last night’s selection of Charles Harris. At some point, the team could jump back over to the offensive side of the ball, especially if the team can pick up a potential starting guard.

We will have everything Dolphins covered here on the site, and we will have the Draft itself fully covered as well.

Everything you need to know about the second- and third-rounds is below, and enjoy the chat.

Second & Third Rounds

When: Friday, April 28, 7 p.m.

TV Channels: ESPN/ESPN2 & NFL Network

Time Per Pick: 7 minutes for the 2nd round, 5 minutes for the 3rd round

Dolphins 2017 Draft Picks

Round 1 - Pick 22 (Overall pick 22) - Charles Harris, DE, Missouri

Round 2 - Pick 22 (Overall pick 54)

Round 3 - Pick 33 (Overall 97 - Compensatory)

Round 5 - Pick 22 (Overall 166)

Round 5 - Pick 35 (Overall 178 - Compensatory)

Round 5 - Pick 41 (Overall 184 - Compensatory)

Round 7 - Pick 5 (Overall 223 - from Los Angeles Rams)

Dolphins picks traded

Round 3 - Pick 22 (Overall 86) - to Minnesota Vikings

Round 4 - Pick 22 (Overall 128) - to Minnesota Vikings

Round 6 - Pick 22 (Overall 206) - to Los Angeles Rams

Round 7 - Pick 22 (Overall 240) - to Jacksonville Jaguars

Dolphins needs

  • Linebacker
  • Guard
  • Cornerback
  • Defensive end
  • Defensive tackle
  • Safety