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Miami Dolphins draft needs 2017: Your vote ranks the needs

We asked you to rank Miami’s draft needs. Now, we reveal the results.

NFL: Miami Dolphins at Cincinnati Bengals Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The 2017 NFL Draft rolls out the red carpet tonight as the first round gets underway. With the annual selection meeting finally arriving, we prepare for the Miami Dolphins’ seven picks by taking a look back at a poll we asked you the reader to complete. Below are the results of the Miami Dolphins’ draft needs poll, where we asked you to rank the 12 starting positions across the offense and defense (quarterback, wide receiver, tight end, running back, offensive tackle, guard, center, defensive end, defensive tackle, linebacker, cornerback, and safety).

We received nearly 2,000 votes in the poll, and, after requesting a second round of voting in order to break a tie between guard and linebacker, we do have a top ranking now. Here is how the poll broke out, with all positions listed:

  1. Linebacker
  2. Guard
  3. Defensive end
  4. Defensive tackle
  5. Cornerback
  6. Safety
  7. Center
  8. Offensive tackle
  9. Tight end
  10. Running back
  11. Quarterback
  12. Wide receiver

The top five needs all make sense. You could make an argument to adjust them slightly, where maybe you see defensive tackle ahead of defensive end, or something like that, but the top five does make sense. The only change to all 12 I would make would be to move tight end up to seven, ahead of center and offensive tackle. I know people will say Mike Pouncey’s injury issues would make that a need, but Anthony Steen covers the reserve center position if needed. While the Dolphins did add Julius Thomas and Anthony Fasano this offseason for the tight end position, adding a young player to develop could be a solid move late in the draft.

What do you think of your results? Are they accurate or would you adjust something?