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Horizontal Draft Board for Offensive Players in the NFL Draft

The NFL Draft is just a few days away and it's time to release the horizontal draft board for offensive players!

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It's that time of the year again and the NFL Draft is just a few days away! We see plenty of draft guides that are out there for public consumption but it's always good to get as much data as possible. Additionally, all scouting draft-nicks will tell you to get varying opinions so you can broaden your knowledge of players.

For this board, I took the score of each player in four draft guides and averaged it out. For the draft guides that didn’t list certain players, I gave a score of 3, which is the lowest one can get. While one may say that will throw off the balance of the grades, it all evens out as it is the same for every player throughout these lists.

This post is not meant to tell you what each draft guide says. These people put in a lot of work to publishing their guides (trust me, I know - I created one several years ago when I ran my own site) and deserve to get paid for their work. You would do well for yourself to purchase each of these four guides and study up prior to, during, and after the draft. Links are as follows to bring you straight to their purchasing page:

Dane Brugler
Click here to purchase Dane Brugler's Draft Guide

Ian Wharton

Click here to purchase Ian Wharton’s Draft Guide

Inside the Pylon
Click here to purchase Inside the Pylon's Draft Guide

Optimum Scouting
Click here to purchase Optimum Scouting's Draft Guide

Here is the horizontal draft board for offensive players based off the average of these four guides. The defensive draft board can be found by clicking here. We will be discussing all of this tonight (Tuesday) on Phinsider Radio, which will air live at 9:30 PM EST. Additionally, you can follow me on Twitter: @PhinsiderRadio for more updates and comments about this board.

The tiers are not meant to say which round one should be drafted in. Instead, it is based on the total score that was given to them based on the average and separated from there. The only exception is that Tier 8 are players who will likely go undrafted.

NFL Draft Offense - 1-3

NFL Draft Offense - 4-6

NFL Draft Offense - 7-8