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Miami Dolphins schedule 2017: Dates, opponents, game times, tickets and more

Here are all of the Dolphins’ games for 2017.

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NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Miami Dolphins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL has released their 2017 schedule, with all 256 games now slotted over the 17 week season. That means, we now have the Miami Dolphins’ schedule for the year, and we can start planning trips to South Florida or to away games if you would like.

The NFL schedule is based primarily on a rotation of divisions facing off each year. The idea is to guarantee that a team will play at least one game in every stadium across the league every eight years. The AFC East will face the AFC West and the NFC South in 2017 as part of this rotation. That takes eight of the 16 games for each team in the division, then add in six games for the annual home-and-home series, and each team now has 14 games that are identical across the division. The differences in scheduling within the division comes with the two remaining games, which are scheduled against the non-rotation divisions within conference against the teams that finish in the same respective position in their divisions.

Prime time games

The Dolphins picked up four prime time games this year, two Monday Night Football games (at the Carolina Panthers in Week 10 and versus the New England Patriots in Week 14), a Sunday Night Football game (versus the Oakland Raiders in Week 9), and a Thursday Night Football game (at the Baltimore Ravens in Week 8).

Strength of schedule

The Dolphins’ 2017 schedule is the sixth hardest schedule in the league, based on the winning percentages of their opponents from 2016. The only teams with more difficult schedules are the Denver Broncos (.578 win percentage), Kansas City Chiefs (.576), Los Angeles Chargers (.568), Oakland Raiders (.564), and the Buffalo Bills (.561). The Dolphins have a .547 strength of schedule.


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Dolphins preseason schedule

The preseason schedule for the Dolphins was released earlier this month. The exact date and kickoff time will be scheduled later this year.

PS Week 1: vs. Atlanta Falcons (August 10-14)

PS Week 2: vs. Baltimore Ravens (August 17-21)

PS Week 3: @ Philadelphia Eagles (August 24-27)

PS Week 4: @ Minnesota Vikings (August 31-September 1)

Dolphins regular season schedule

Here is the full regular schedule with kickoff days and times (in Eastern time):

Week 1: vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Sep. 10 - 1pm

Week 2: @ Los Angeles Chargers - Sep. 17 - 4:05pm

Week 3: @ New York Jets - Sep. 24 - 1pm

Week 4: vs. New Orleans Saints (London) - Oct. 1 - 9:30am

Week 5: vs. Tennessee Titans - Oct. 8 - 1pm

Week 6: @ Atlanta Falcons - Oct. 15 - 1pm

Week 7: vs. New York Jets - Oct. 22 - 1pm

Week 8: @ Baltimore Ravens (TNF) - Oct. 26 - 8:25pm

Week 9: vs. Oakland Raiders (SNF) - Nov. 5 - 8:30pm

Week 10: @ Carolina Panthers (MNF) - Nov. 13 - 8:30pm

Week 11: BYE

Week 12: @ New England Patriots - Nov. 26 - 1pm

Week 13: vs. Denver Broncos - Dec. 3 - 1pm

Week 14: vs. New England Patriots (MNF) - Dec. 11 - 8:30pm

Week 15: @ Buffalo Bills - Dec. 17 - 1pm

Week 16: @ Kansas City Chiefs - Dec. 24 - 1pm

Week 17: vs. Buffalo Bills - Dec. 31 - 1pm