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PFF: Jarvis Landry most dangerous slot receiver

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San Francisco 49ers v Miami Dolphins Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images

Miami Dolphins fans know the team has a special player in wide receiver Jarvis Landry. He is the spark that fires up the offense and he somehow always seems to pick up that extra yard when it’s needed, make a big hit to spring Jay Ajayi when required, and do whatever is needed. Landry has made the last two Pro Bowls and is the NFL’s record holder for most receptions in a player’s first two years and tied for the record for most receptions in a player’s first three years.

He is also the Dolphins record holder for receptions in a player’s rookie year and the record holder for most receptions in a single season.

In other words, Landry really is a special player.

Pro Football Focus seems to recognize Landry’s abilities. They published five bullets on Landry in an post entitled “Is Jarvis Landry the NFL’s most dangerous slot receiver?” The PFF article takes into account just the snaps played by a receiver from the slot. Cris Collinsworth shared one of those bullets on Twitter in a graph:

Landry, according to PFF, led the league in receptions from the slot, despite ranking just 12th in routes run from the slot position. Miami uses Landry in multiple ways throughout a game and the season, looking to create mismatches wherever they can, but it appears, when he is at home in the slot, Landry might just be the best receiver in the league from the position.