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NFL Draft prospects: Zach Cunningham profile

Our friend Brett Kollmann is back with another edition of The Film Room, his breakdown of some of the top prospects in the upcoming NFL Draft. In this episode, the last for the 2017 season, Kollmann takes a look at a prospect who could be fairly high on the Miami Dolphins’ draft board: Vanderbilt linebacker Zach Cunningham.

Cunningham is an interesting prospect for this year’s Draft. He started off the “mock draft season” seeming to be a sure-fire, first-round pick - often going to the Dolphins - but he has disappeared off a lot of the mock drafts lately. Concerns seem to be that he does miss some tackles and he does not have elite speed, but he does cover ground in getting to the ball carrier and seems to have the instincts to be in the right place.

That’s enough from me on Cunningham. Let’s check out what Kollmann has to say about Cunningham. And you can check out the entire The Film Room series on Kollmann’s YouTube Channel.